website design, development & maintenance


Website Design

At Emm Graphics we take your ideas and turn them into your website. This should be your site and it should look they way you want it too. We listen and give advise on how to achieve your goals.

Debra LaPorte Communications

Edison’s Arizona Charities


Liza Kitchell
Music Teacher/Musician

Educational Solutions, LLC

Cartwright Search Group


Framingham Heart Study

Omni Publishing Co.

Website Development

Over the years Emm Graphics has programmed over 200 websites. Emm Graphics has been contracted by graphic artists, PR consultants and communication firms to program the design they have created for their clients. Using a design supplied by them Emm Graphics custom codes pixel perfect designs.

Website Maintenance

Sometimes clients choose not to have a Content Management System (CMS). A couple things to keep in mind when you are deciding on whether or not to have your website coding using a CMS. Do you or someone in your office have the time to dedicate to learning the CMS and then maintaining it? If not then having Emm Graphics maintain your site for you is the answer. Only actual updates/edits will be billed. There are no monthly maintenance fees.